SINGLE TV DRAMAS ( Selected credits)


‘Parsons Pleasure’  by Roald Dahl’

with John Geilgud, Bernard Miles

‘The Best of Everything’  by Dennis Cannon

with Michael Kitchen



‘The House on the Hill’  by Peter Ransley

with Elizabeth Bergner, Denis Waterman

‘No Further Cause for Concern’  by Rib Davis

with Sean Chapman


‘The Life and Works….’  by Valerie Windsor

with Judy Campbell, Selena Cadell

‘Just another Little Blues Song’  by John Harvey

with Adam Faith


‘Terra Nova’  by Ted Tally

with Michael N Harbour, Knut Husebo, Kate Fahy,

Richard Durden, Robert Pugh


‘Instant Enlightenment inc VAT’ by Andrew Carr

with Simon Callow, Linda Marlowe


‘Faraday’s Dream’  by Don Shaw

with Michael Kitchen

‘Bold Face Condensed’  by Peter Ransley

with Michael Gambon

‘The Tale of Timothy Bagshott’  by Fay Weldon

with Toni Palmer

‘The Dissolution of Marcus Fleishman’  by Stephen Davis

with Cyril Shaps, Martin Thurley



‘The Reason of Things’  by Freda Kelsall

with Alec McCowan, Margaret Tyzack

‘Salad Days’  by Julian Slade

with Ian Richardson, Simon Green, Susan Beagley


‘The Moneymen’  by Tony Marchant

with John Vine, Ross Kemp, Perry Fenwick   


‘As Man and Wife’  by Lesley Bruce

with Michael Kitchen

‘Truth or Consequence’ by Brian Phelan

with David Robb, Stephen Murray


‘Not Quite Cricket’ by Barrie Keefe

with John Salthouse, Tony Milner


‘Lyndsay’  by Stephen Bill

with Jane Freeman, Bob Mason

Channel 4

‘Dawn and the Candidate’  by Jane Rogers

with Anthony Calf, Claire Hackett



‘Some Day Man’ by Barbara Angell

with Joseph Marcell